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Vera Zvonareva is a powerful, all court tennis player. She has a deep understanding of the game, strikes the ball with both finesse and precision, combining strength and speed. Vera Zvonareva is not just another player on the tour, she is capable of getting on the top 10 list of the WTA tour.

In this new era of power players like the Williams sisters, Vera Zvonareva has proved that she can be a formidable contender against players that strike the ball hard. Also, during the last couple of years, Vera has made an impressive and sustained climb in the WTA rankings, positioning herself in the top 20.

Although Vera Zvonareva is relatively a young player on the tour she has already won a WTA title and is surely going to stay on top of the fight to obtain more trophies and points.

This website is completely and fully devoted to Vera Zvonareva and it comprises various sections which might be of interest to the general reader as well to the fans. In the biography pages you'll find Vera's biographical information and a few interviews from past tournaments. In the pictures links you'll find old as well as new pictures of Vera Zvonareva playing in some tournaments and some other pictures from a general category. In the News and Ranking section you'll find general syndicated tennis news. In the Message Board you are going to find news, discussions and commentaries pertaining to Vera Zvonareva and her tennis career. I certainly recommend everyone of you to visit the message board for up to date information. And at last but not at least we have a little section in french for Francophones and francophiles fans of our favorite player Vera Zvonareva.

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