Chronology of the Last set of the game between Venus Williams and Vera Zvonareva, Roland Garros 2003.

By Mr. Gorki
After losing the first set 2-6 and having won the second 6-2, Vera began the third set by receiving Williams' serve. And it began well for Vera: she broke the serve of Venus and could hold her serve the next game: 2-0.

Hopes were high, but Venus looked more focused and began to hit the ball harder. 2-1, and Vera's turn to serve. We feel at this point that it's becoming difficult for the young Russian as Venus Williams commits no more unforced errors.

Vera runs a lot, but Williams wins the points: 2-2, and then 2-3. Well, everybody in England knows the words "They think it's all over,… it is now !". When Venus led 15-40, everybody thought that it was over for the n°21 in the world. But… Vera fought so hard to bring back on the court the huge shots from Venus that finally the american had to make a mistake first: 40-40, and then 3-3.

In the next game, the third seeded led 40-0, but once again had to face a comeback: 40-30, with the most beautiful point of the game, and one to remember in this entire Roland Garros 2003.

Williams used her forehand to force Zvonareva to do side to side runs, again and again. At one point of the rally, Vera looked completely beaten on the left side of the court, but she could bring the ball on the court, close enough to the baseline to have the time to recover a good position for the next stroke. A few desperate forehands and backhands from both sides take place and Vera wins an exhaustive point with a great forehand along the line!!! A great effort… but Venus could make it 3-4.

Vera looked a little tired in the beginning of this last set, but now she looks ready to go till the end. And she tied it 4-4, with a mixture of good points and unforced errors.
Venus looked on her way to 4-5 as she led 40-15, but once again (!), Zvonareva came back with some great shots. Especially her lengthy ball, and her fighting spirit ("she doesn't lose a point… until it's lost!!!")***** I hope you'll know what I mean !: a point is never lost until it's written on the score board, or something like that ;-)
The crowd looks impressive, it began to cheer her since the beginning of the last set. Advantage for Vera, but Venus strikes back…
The second break of serve… is the good one! 5-4 and Vera's serve to follow: the first massive shock of this Roland Garros is about to happen. During the break, Vera puts her towel on her face, as usual. Nothing or nobody can hold her from winning this game, and this match…
The two players came back on the court… Two more unforced errors later, Vera leads 30-0. Another powerful forehand makes it 30-15. Then, 40-15, and a match point…
The two players try to find the gap with their forehand, but without success. Until Vera's forehand forced Venus' backhand to go wide: Game set and match Miss Zvonareva: 2-6 6-2 6-4 !!!!
Strange fact: when the two players greet each other at the net, only Venus seems to smile. Vera looks so calm! Then, she meets Nelson Montfort, the well known French journalist, who gets the interview from all the stars right after the match ball.
When he asked her how did she do to get back all those difficult balls, she answered: "I'm doing this since I'm six years-old, so…" And when he noticed that she was so calm, maybe even… so cold, she said with a big smile: "Maybe I'm too tired to realize what I've just done"!!!
But the entire world has realized that this young lady is about to become "the next big thing" in the WTA circuit.
That's all folks !!

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