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Vera Zvonareva's BIG WIN TODAY over Venus Williams at the 2003 Roland Garros in Paris.
ebuc - 1-6-2003 at 04:51 PM

Hats down. This was one hell of a tennis match. Really impressing. What about a marathon, now?

Go Vera, go!

Kermit - 1-6-2003 at 04:56 PM

i just saw the match and i thought let's see if she has a site

man she's good


btw so few smilies?

Vlad - 1-6-2003 at 05:00 PM

Well that was a hell of a breakthrough, finally there would be no all Williams final, alll because of Vera's huge effort!!!!


Keep going!!

Ian - 1-6-2003 at 05:13 PM

Vera that was Great!!
2-6 6-2 6-4
Now everyone knows that you mean business.


ebuc - 1-6-2003 at 05:26 PM

Now everyone knows that you mean business.

Indeed. And this must have won her a lot of fans and support from the crowd. She definitely stands a chance against either Capriati or Petrova, even though she surely needs some rest.

Damn she ran a lot today.

And since Clijsters needs someone to finally kick her butt, I can only cross my fingers for Vera!

Kermit - 1-6-2003 at 05:28 PM

she will never beat clijsters .

i hope

nah, i m from belgium you know

Administrator - 1-6-2003 at 05:43 PM

Great win for Vera Today!!

I'd say that Vera and Kim are similar in many aspects of their game, but they still have their differences.

(Sorry Vlad your thread was supposed to be the one to stay on top but it happened the other way around when I merged them down. I hope you don't mind.)

David - 1-6-2003 at 06:08 PM

I knew it!!
This result is wonderful. Venus had not being playing that well in past tournaments until the Roland Garros started. And she was playing I'd say at 100% percent and Vera was able to beat her. I think that says a lot.

Way to go Vera!!

hydre - 1-6-2003 at 07:31 PM

hi, i am franch and sorry if my english is not good...
I saw the match and I can say that Vera has a very good play and that it is a promising player. I "fell in love" with Vera because it plays very well and it has very pretty eyes blue I hope that she win her future matches, I am a new fan of VERA

Kermit - 1-6-2003 at 09:22 PM

vera against kim, that can be a close match, or maybe against justine
cant wait to see that

Simon Meadows - 2-6-2003 at 03:20 AM

I've just logged on. Did not know Vera had a site. Have been watching her for over a year now and have been very impressed. Today was a real breakthrough for her. Brilliant Stuff. All the way Vera. You've got the talent!!!!!

Squiggy6 - 2-6-2003 at 04:27 AM

To be honest, I'm not a big tennis fan. but i instantly became a HUGE Vera fan. she is an amazing athlete and competitor, and she is without a doubt BEAUTIFUL. does anyone know if she is involved with anyone? not like i'd have a chance with someone as gorgeous as Vera, but one can dream. marry me Vera

David - 2-6-2003 at 06:42 AM

I think you should all know that Vera visits the forum every now and then.

And I think she'll be happy to know that after her match against Venus she has gotten an increasing number of supporters not only from Russia but from Europe and America.

Vera Zvonareva, Amelie Mauresmo, Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin are fine players. These quarterfinals matches will be great.

Tiko - 2-6-2003 at 07:29 AM

A star is born. No doubt !
I still can't get how you managed to run so much (neither did Venus) ! Hope you can keep up for the few matches you have to go through before you get to and win the final !

Take a breath and smile !

ps : beautiful eyes.

Mastaeroth - 2-6-2003 at 10:20 AM

I got not impressing words..

Just I'm so much happy, as when your garden is gorgeous and your trees give you back nice and juicy fruits.
In the past years I followed Vera in every tournament, but yesterday, on fourth round, she gave me the unfinished joy I've been awaiting to for years.

I was sure sure this day should have arrived, and a lot of such days will arrive in the future too!!!
I'll always trust in you Vera!!! Go on and on!!!!!!!!!

Gorki - 2-6-2003 at 10:57 AM

Just I'm so much happy, as when your garden is gorgeous and your trees give you back nice and juicy fruits.

How romantic...

Kermit - 2-6-2003 at 11:58 AM

How romantic...

he wants to steal her from me

but that's not possible i think, she isnt mine :cry:

David - 2-6-2003 at 12:12 PM

but that's not possible i think, she isnt mine :cry:

Good point you've got there.

Kermit - 2-6-2003 at 12:21 PM

Good point you've got there.

dont laugh with me

David - 2-6-2003 at 12:28 PM

sorry man.
But don't worry, dreams do come true.


Mastaeroth - 2-6-2003 at 12:58 PM

I'm as romantic as a red-neck old farmer

Guido - 2-6-2003 at 03:42 PM

I saw Vera play against Venus and I must say, I never saw anyone who fought so hard. Our Dutch players can really learn something from your mental strength (except Martin Verkerk).
Keep on going as you are doing now and I know for sure that one day you will be the world number one!!!
For now, much succes on the French Open.

So Vera, you have got a new fan from the Netherlands.

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